Project Overview

  • Branding & Identity

Athena Art Gallery

This project involved designing a brand identity for a hypothetical gallery in Melbourne and Sydney. The identity needed to reflect the gallery’s ethos, ‘interpreting Australian art’, as well as keeping a fresh new essence. The aim was to create a brand for the gallery that wouldn’t date or hone into a particular type of art, as the gallery crosses over a number of different disciplines. The name of the gallery, Athena, was chosen to represent the Gallery. Athena was the Greek goddess of Art, and would represent the gallery as something of a higher power in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Brand Identity

Athena Brand Identity

Colour Plan

Athena Colour Plan


Athena Application

The overall design needed a logo type that would represent the Gallery name Athena. There were no typefaces that correctly represented Athena, this led to the decision of designing a typeface that represented the gallery’s brand identity. The typeface has column like stems, as well as a geometric structure that represents the gallery. This typeface also works well when used on the textural background that it is used in application with. The textural background references the art gallery and will be important to couple with the typeface in application of business cards, posters, etc.

Athena Business Cards
Athena Poster Mockup