Project Overview

  • UX/UI Design

Country Road Redesign

The Country Road website currently has several UX/UI issues wrong with its design. This project aimed to rectify three of these issues. However once running into the first issue, many of them arose. As best as I could in the 6-week project, I conducted many user experience tests to create a triage list and resolve the most critical issues with the website. These included resolving the UX functions of the navigation, sub navigation, shopping bag and cart. This project ended up in producing a style tile and prototype showing the resolved UX issues, again going through the process of another UX tests.

Overall these solutions resolved the negative aspects of the site found during the user experience tests. These were successfully resolved by simplifying the complicated elements of the website and saving users’ time to keep them engaged and create conversion in sales.


On the left, can be seen the original Country Road website. After completing the user experience tests, several issues arose. First, was the magnitude of options. The homepage can be quite overwhelming and the navigation system needed to be cut down as many of these options would rarely be used. As well as this, the clothes and strong photography Country Road had didn’t seem to be a feature. To re-engage users, the homepage was resolved by simplifying it, as seen on the left. By removing the options that were unnecessary, the page started to appeal more to the appropriate socioeconomic market it was aimed at.

Country Road Homepage

Sub Navigation

As well as the primary navigation, I adjusted the filter and sub navigation systems. The filter system was simplified and now neatly sits below the primary navigation. As well as this, the sub navigation was adjusted to be a clean pop out menu to allow for more space for the strong imagery, which is most important in converting users to purchase the items. Originally, the clothing items were seen on their own but by changing these to visualise them on the models, the clothing became more attractive and imaginable. This solution again minimalised the magnitude of options that overwhelmed users during the UX testing stage, by becoming more attractive and easier to use and create more conversions.

Country Road Sub Navigation

Sizing Guide

The sizing guide was simplified and resolved issues raised from our user experience tests. The complicated sizing chart was resolved by replacing it with a pop up menu which would automatically jump to the user’s intended item sizing requirements, rather than showing all the various options. However, in case it was needed, the pop up would still have the options for other items sizing requirements in case of the user needing to jump to other areas to check their sizing.

Country Road Sizing Guide


Finally, I worked on resolving the final issue our users encountered in the user tests, the checkout. They were disappointed that there wasn’t an option to purchase an item as a guest, admitting this could turn them away from the site at this point. As well as this, the page was unappealing. I simply adjusted this page by adding an appealing image, as well as adding a guest option.

Country Road Checkout