Project Overview

  • UX/UI Design

Forager's Table

Foragers Table is a hypothetical premier gourmet catering company based in Melbourne, VIC. They specialize in small catering events which are 100% Victorian sourced organic produce. They cater for a minimum of 10 people to a maximum of 100 people. They needed to highlight that they are small event specialists with full service caterers, a specialized menu made from locally sourced ingredients and seasonal menus.

My solution involved coupling strong photography with a clear informational hierarchy. The website is a one-page scroll spread. The menus are based around the platter or plate options available, as well as seasonal produce. The pricing page works well to give customers an idea of the cost of their event, which is important when trying to convert customers to choose this catering site over others. As well as this, the website translates well into other devices, such as the iPhone. Please find a small snapshot of the overall project below. I believe my solution works well with the strong photography as well as creating an easy to use and engaging website to create conversion of users.


The first issue involved the primary navigation bar, as users in all the scenarios took a lot of time to get to the items they wanted to see. Our strategy involved simplifying the amount of options to the minimum, to save user’s time and keep them engaged. Both users described the original navigation bar as overwhelming and heavy on information, our new solution solved this and was well received. The only issue found with the homepage was the arrow used in the hover state beneath the secondary navigation bar. We adjusted this by instead changing the opacity of the text in hover state to highlight the used functions.

Forager's Table Homepage


The body of the site continued with the use of strong imagery and elegant typography. The ethos was an important part of the company, this would be the first thing users would come across after the homepage. Next the seasonal menus were seen, showing both the plate and platter options for the website, which can be scrolled across for differing seasonal options. They would contain a menu that was standard, however had the option for change. The pricing section is interactive, with the pricing quote adjusting as users enter their details, while the enquiry section follows this section separately, as not to overwhelm the user with too many spots to fill at one time, it continues to be interactive and keeps users engaged.

Forager's Table Website
Forager's iPhone Mockup


Using a grid layout system, I converted the website easily to an iPhone format. Judging by the target market for the website, the iPhone would be used predominantly and needed to be interactive and easy to use. This translated well from the website due to the layout system, and continued to have strong imagery and typography as a point of difference.

Forager's iPhone Mockup