Project Overview

  • Product Design

  • Branding & Identity

Furneaux Distillery

The Furneaux Distillery is planned to open on Flinders Island over the next year. As part of a live brief project while studying at Foundry in 2017, I used Furneaux Distillery as a hypothetical client. Using the owner as my point of contact during the project, I focused on the identity, packaging design and product design over a 10-week project.

Flinders Island is a remote, untouched island off the island of Tasmania. It is a community of friendly, personal people, who lead an egalitarian lifestyle. At just 800 people, the island’s main source of income is its sort after premium beef and lamb. The largest group of visitors to the island are Tasmanians over the age of 50, on holidays or visiting friends and family. This group of people seek to escape their day to day lives, for the sparkling beaches, rugged ranges, abundant wildlife and flora, and clear sapphire waters.

Prior to the governor, John Franklin, outlawing the distilling of spirits in Tasmania in 1838, there were 16 legal distilleries dotted around the island of Tasmania. After banning distilling for approximately 150 years, it wasn’t until 1991 when Bill Lark realised that Tasmania’s clean water and superb growing conditions were perfect for making whisky, leading to the overturn of the distillery ban. Over the last two decades, Tasmanians have started distilling, with over 13 whisky distilleries now operating, making the most of the state’s pure ingredients while making unique and sort after whiskies. The attributes of the sustainable Flinders Island make it the perfect place to set up a distillery and allow Tasmanians and Victorians alike, to branch off the Tasmanian whisky trail and visit the wonders Flinders Island offers. This was an automatic point of difference for a distillery on the island.

Furneaux Distillery Bottle Design
Furneaux Distillery Bottle Design

Identity Overview

The Furneaux Distillery will produce whisky that is made from local island peats and local barley. It will be mulled on the Furneaux Distillery farm and distilled locally on the island. In comparison to the Tasmanian traditionally branded whiskies, the Flinders Island branding will represent the rugged, remote and small island, while considering the client’s requests for a brand that is modern, simplistic and mainly typographic. The dark appearance of the branding represents the smokey, heavily peated whisky of the island.

One of the biggest challenges for the branding, was representing Flinders Island purely through typography. I achieved this by simply putting the latitude of the distillery, 40° as an important graphic feature on the packaging design. This compliments the simple logo, that uses a sans serif font, and keeps the label simplistic, representing the modern feel of the distillery. The back of the label is simple, yet represents the simple and scientific feel, Damien was after. The cylinder, was designed to represent the contours of the land, but was stripped down, to compliment the minimalistic bottle. As a complete set, the overall branding, identity and bottle work well to describe the ethos of the rugged, heavily peated whisky and the beautiful wild island it will originate from.

Furneaux Distillery Bottle Design
Furneaux Distillery Bottle Design