Mizz-fit Redesign

The original brief given to me for this project involved a redesign of the website to conduct user testing on by the Tractor Design School. The website was for a vibrant, friendly and fun gym offering women only memberships. This involved addressing the existing usability issues within the current website before creating a UX Solution and prototype to solve a few of these issues within the current site.

My solution involved keeping with the pink theme of the women’s gym and Mizz Fit Logo to create something more minimalistic, simplistic and showed off the current points of difference of the gym in comparison to others. This involved highlighting the classes, facilities, location, price, instructors and childcare options by creating a new homepage that highlighted these areas as well as having conversion points on the homepage such as the ‘join now’ button. Strong Imagery is also used to keep the users engaged, coupling with the typography. The classes page was also adjusted to create a page that was interactive and more appealing to viewers. The timetable has also been adjusted to create a timetable that is interactive, highlighting certain classes or instructor’s timetables, which was an important part discovered in the initial user testing for customers. Overall, please find a small snapshot of the overall user experience redesign below.

Project Overview

  • UX/UI Design

Mizzfit Homepage
Mizzfit Classes
Mizzfit Timetable