Pinstripe Magazine

The magazine Pinstripe was a project completed during my studies in 2017. The brief and magazine was aimed at 20-25 year old working woman in Australia. I was involved in creating a masterhead, magazine cover, two section headers, two double and two single page spreads that met the target market and kept a cohesive look throughout.

The masterhead was designed to be targeted to woman, however I didn’t pigeonhole feminine women but rather designed it to be aimed at sophisticated, professional and powerful women. The magazine theme is largely based around beautiful imagery and beautiful stories. It is minimalist and moves away from traditional ads and pull out quotes - rather being simpler, allowing the content and images to speak for themselves.

Project Overview

  • Publication Design

Pinstripe Magazine Cover
Pinstripe Magazine Contents
Pinstripe Magazine Section Header
Pintripe Magazine Dinosaur Designs
Pinstripe Magazine Reinvestor
Pinstripe Magazine Reinvestor
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