Project Overview

  • Digital Design

Tycho Album Cover

For this project I was hypertheically commisioned to design the graphics for the later LP album to be released in late december for Tycho, an American ambient music project, led by Scott Hansen. The style of the album had to reflect 21st century design as well as Tycho’s ethos. This led me to experiment with animation software, such as cinema 4d to produce an album cover which represented the 3d nature of the current era, as well as Tycho’s ethos.

Logo Usage

Colour Use

Tycho Colour Use

Album Analysis

Tycho’s sound is both progressive and futuristic in style as well as composition. Themes within Hansen’s music include nostalgia, longing and the natural word. He uses a combination of electronic synths, live instrumentation and old school sound clips in order to create an organic, relatable sound. To represent this sound I wanted to produce a an album cover which had an energy and sense of movement to it. A piece of art that spoke for itself and left the individual to make up their mind about what it represented. The reverse of the cover uses spheres with different shading to represent the songs, rather than traditional methods. Each sphere is suited to a song, keeping minimalistic, as not to take away from the music or visuals.

Tycho Album Front Mockup
Tycho Album Back Mockup